Halogen free flame retardant products

Rescom propose new halogen free flame retardant product for technical textile, automotive and leather.


Breathable and formaldehyde free adhesives

Breathable and formaldehyde free adhesives for textiles, leather and plastics.


Solar'res bioceramic and functional compounds

Clothing and human body:  a possible interaction thanks to new high tech materials..


Membrane colorate e fluo

Rescom propone membrane impermeabili, traspiranti, in alluminio, flame retardant, PTFE.
Novità: le membrane colorate e...


Tutti i prodotti RESCOM per la lotta all'emergenza COVID (gel lavamani) (igienizzanti) (sanificanti)

Rescom propone il GEL LAVAMANI IGIENIZZANTE messo a punto nei propri laboratori, sulla base della ricetta dell’OMS.



BIO-BASED compounds

Green Chemicals for the textile sector is not just a passing trend is a challenge.  Rescom is your best partner.


Compound traspiranti a base acquosa e a solvente. #TRASPIRANTE #IMPERMEABILE

Rescom è tra le poche aziende che ancora produce e propone compound a base di polimeri poliuretanici traspiranti usati...


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The Rescom laboratory creates custom-made products and can carry out the necessary tests to fine-tune the desired performances.

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