Lotta all'emergenza COVID

Rescom propone il GEL LAVAMANI IGIENIZZANTE messo a punto nei propri laboratori, sulla base della ricetta dell’OMS.



Solar'res bioceramic and functional compounds

Clothing and human body:  a possible interaction thanks to new high tech materials..


Halogen free flame retardant products

Rescom propose new halogen free flame retardant product for technical textile, automotive and leather.


Membrane colorate e fluo

Rescom propone membrane impermeabili, traspiranti, in alluminio, flame retardant, PTFE.
Novità: le membrane colorate e...


Breathable and formaldehyde free adhesives

Breathable and formaldehyde free adhesives for textiles, leather and plastics.


BIO-BASED compounds

Green Chemicals for the textile sector is not just a passing trend is a challenge.  Rescom is your best partner.


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The Rescom laboratory creates custom-made products and can carry out the necessary tests to fine-tune the desired performances.

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