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BIO-BASED compounds

Green Chemicals for the Textile Sector is not just a passing trend.

Many important brands and companies have decided to take up the challenge and focus on reducing the environmental impact of their products and their manufacturing processes.

To support our client partners with this technically challenging objective, Rescom has developed the BIO SP product line, a family of products with an environmental focus, perfectly aligned with the new environmental standards required by the clothing and footwear industries.

The renewable raw materials contained within the BIO SP product range come from biological sources (non-fossil) and are therefore capable of regeneration in a short time frame, following the principles of sustainable development.

Thanks to our policy of continuous research Rescom is prepared to respond to this new challenge and is currently in a market leading position for the formulation of bio-based compounds for the textile sector.

Our objective is to partner with companies with sustainable development goals and contribute to the objectives set out in the Kyoto protocol: Think Global, Act Local.

RESCOM: your partner for sustainable textile chemicals.





Please contact us directly for a complete presentation of the product range and also for the development of customised solutions for your bio-based tailor made products.


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